Maple Bourbon Sour

A full glass of bourbon sour.

Lemon, rosemary, maple syrup and bourbon, all ingredients for a nice bourbon sour.

A maple bourbon sour with a rosemary sprig and lemon slice.

A sour made with bourbon, rosemary, maple syrup, and lemon

Allie recently got me a cocktail book, Shake. The book features laid back recipes for simple but stellar cocktails. I recommend glancing through the book (or at least making this drink) if you have even a flicker of interest in cocktails. These drinks are good, no-nonsense, and a nice stepping stone to the next level if you want to get there.

I was pretty fired up to find this rosemary maple bourbon sour recipe on page 139. Sour drinks are my favorite: whiskey sours, pisco sours, even absinthe sours, tart wines like Rieslings, and all the way to sour beers like gose and sour ale. Allie isn’t a whiskey drinker, but this drink’s rosemary hint, lemon zap, maple goodness, and slight bourbon sweetness combine to make a top-notch drink even she will sip.

We’ll be filling a shaker or two for our friends during the game tomorrow.

Here’s what you need (recipe adapted from Shake):

3 shots bourbon

1.5 to 2 shots lemon juice (2 if you’ve got a taste for sour, like me)

3/4 shot maple syrup

1 sprig rosemary

Lots of ice

What to do: Fill a short glass with ice. Add everything to a shaker with (more) ice. Shake for 15 seconds. Pour into iced glass. Garnish with rosemary + lemon. Makes 2 drinks.

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