Orange Cake

A plate of orange olive oil cake garnished with almonds and orange zest

An overhead shot of candied oranges on a baking tray

A tray of candied oranges in two colors

An olive oil cake topped with different color candied oranges

Slice of orange olive oil cake

Chris and I have been eating a lot of citrus since it is readily available this time of year. When I found this recipe for orange oil olive cake I was so excited to give it a try.  Although it may seem a little time consuming, you can candy the oranges the day before to save some time. We chose to do everything at once.

The combination of orange syrup (created while making the candied oranges) and olive oil makes for a deliciously moist cake. The cake is subtle. It’s sweet but not that sweet. When I cut my slice I added crushed almonds, which brought a nice texture. Chris and I had a first taste right away. We ate the rest for breakfast throughout the week.   -Allie

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