The Peplum

Allie twirling her hair in

Allie wearing a peplum shirt and sunglasses on the Hoboken waterfront

Allie's red bangle and heart necklace

Allie wearing peplum in front of the NYC skyline

Allie wearing a peplum shirt and jeans on the Hoboken waterfront

Allie wearing sunglasses and a peplum shirt on a nice day

Orange lace-up shoes

Anthropologie Peplum, Madewell Jeans, Topshop Flat another version I love here!

Yes, the trend is back and I’m so glad.  There is something flirty and feminine about the peplum that I just love!  I think it’s a fun detail that could complete an outfit.

The Peplum dates back to mid-19th century, when the style was incorporated into jackets and dresses.  Durning the ’40s Dior introduced the style into luxury fashion. More recently a trend of the ’80s, it was brought back durning the fall 2012 fashion shows.  Currently, I am seeing signs of the peplum coming back, with many stores offering the style through their spring collections.

Many women shy away from the trend, fearing it will increase their waist line.  I believe when worn correctly it actually does the opposite!  Many designers agree and feel it can enhance a women’s body when worn correctly!

This peplum was purchased recently from Anthropologie. (Yes, I am sure you are learning of my love for this store).  Not only did I gravitate toward the body, but the fabric.  It’s raised and textured, different from other tops I own.

I’m also loving other peplums. Obsessing over this jacket peplum, striped peplum tee, and white lace peplum top. You should try one out this spring!   -Allie

13 thoughts on “The Peplum

  1. Catherine

    The peplum looks fantastic on you. As much as I love that style, it doesn’t work on my because I’m long-waisted. *sigh* I really wish that clothing companies would take a good look at all body types and make more clothing for long-waisted women. It’s the very reason I only wear two-piece bathing suits (unless I’m in France-then I let my girls have the freedom they so deserve)!
    The shoes are lovely. I was shocked when I saw that Old Navy was selling that style shoe so I rushed to my local ON to see how they looked. They looked fine and I purchased a pair for $12.00. Since I don’t wear them often (because I realized I am too lazy to tie them), I thought the price point was great!


  2. Gracefully Global

    I didn’t even know the word peplum, although I’ve watched this look from afar and have always thought of it as being very chic. I feel like I’ve seen it at Charlotte Russe too (I know, not nearly as ideal as Anthropologie!).😉 Thanks for teaching me a new word!


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