Shakshuka (eggs stewed in tomato sauce) with smoked paprika, parsley, and feta cheese

Readers of Made in Rome know by now, a month in, that when Allie and I open a can of tomatoes we’re usually headed straight for our comfort zone: pizza, pasta, or another tasty staple of the country where we met. Ah–but not always!

Shakshuka, one of our favorite foods, comes from the Middle East. It’s a nice meal to have in your recipe arsenal, especially on weeknights when you don’t want to do much more for dinner than crack eggs in a shallow pot of sauce, wait, and let the eggs cook while you relax (maybe with a drink).

For our most recent batch, we used a shakshuka recipe from Saveur.

If you can fry or scramble eggs, you can cook shakshuka. And why not? There aren’t many recipes that reward you so much for sitting on the couch.

A piece of work I do recommend is using bread to swipe the leftover sauce clean from your plate (and pan). Best part of the meal. This bread-swiping finale is called fare la scarpetta in Italian, and it definitely translates to Middle Eastern.   -Chris

A side shot of a pan of shakshuka, a popular Middle Eastern food

A plate of Middle Eastern Shakshuka

A close up shot of cooked egg yolks in a pan of Shakshuka

9 thoughts on “Shakshuka

  1. lucykharris

    This looks amazing, I eat eggs nearly everyday and I’ve been trying to find new recipes/ways of cooking them so poached eggs and avocado doesn’t get boring but this looks to dieeeee for.


    1. Made in Rome

      We’re the same way. Another favorite of ours is soft-boiled eggs with soy sauce. I usually make 10 soft-boiled eggs at the beginning of the week for easy breakfasts and that kind of thing. Definitely try shakshuka though! -Chris


    1. Made in Rome

      Thanks! It’s easy to shoot when you have such electric colors… and when all you need to do is break a few eggs. Hope the recipe rocks as much for you as it did for us. -Chris


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