Sicilian 75

The ingredients for a Sicilian 75: blood oranges, Prosecco, Campari, and gin

Happy Friday. For this week’s happy hour we’re dipping back into our Campari series and sipping a cocktail called the Sicilian 75. We’ve had a lot of orange coverage lately here on Made in Rome. Allie and I usually go on a citrus kick this time of year. We both eat a ton of fruit, and nothing beats a fresh blood orange in late winter. Nothing but a fresh blood orange turned into a drink!

The Sicilian 75 is a refreshing riff on the French 75. Allie and I are fans of the classic French 75, made from Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. We like to fill pitchers with French 75 variations. And this Campari-spiked variation may be the best of them all.

About to pour the Prosecco into a Sicilian 75 cocktail

How does a Sicilian 75 differ from the classic? We skip lemons for blood oranges (juiced and sliced). We add a splash of Campari that itself adds musk and mystery and an elusive flavor that can take you to lounge-chaired docks on foreign seas.

We skip Champagne for Prosecco. We watch the frothy, white-foam, citrus-fragrant, to-the-top, glorious meniscus pour!

A variation on the French 75, a Sicilian 75, being poured

The Champagne fizz of a Sicilian 75 cocktail subsiding

This is a great drink for brunch. This is a great drink before, during, or after dinner. I adapted a Sicilian 75 recipe from Saveur. You won’t regret filling up a glass or two of these this weekend. Hope you enjoy yours.

What you need:

3 parts blood orange juice, plus a slice for garnish

2 parts gin

.75 parts simple syrup (or honey syrup)

Splash of Campari

2 parts Prosecco

What to do: Put everything but the orange slice and Prosecco into a shaker with ice. Shake for 15 seconds. Pour into a flute. Add 2 Parts Prosecco… or however many parts bring the surge of froth to the brim. Drink.

A glass of Sicilian 75, an Italian version of the French 75 cocktail, with an orange slice garnish

3 thoughts on “Sicilian 75

  1. Catherine

    It may be time for me to revisit orange. Seriously. I haven’t had any boozy drinks with orange since I was in high school (yes. I was THAT girl) and got completely wasted on Screwdrivers. I’ve matured with age so perhaps I’ll give this a shot!


    1. Made in Rome

      Oh, I’ve had my share of screwdriver nights in basements and dorm rooms. I’m pretty happy those are in the distant past. Yeah, definitely give orange drinks a second chance. This one is a great place to start. Let us know if it tastes any better than your screwdrivers. -Chris


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