Pretty in Pink

Lounging against a rail over the Hudson River on a warm late-winter day

Wearing a pink JCrew Cardigan and a pink bag on the Hoboken waterfront

Allie stepping forward in a pink cardigan, pink Balenciaga bag, and check skirt

Downward shot of Chanel ballet flats

Shot of Allie's pink Balenciaga, long buffalo check skirt, and Chanel shoes

Looking stylish in pink and a

Allie looking down and dressed for a spring day on the Hoboken waterfront

Allie rocking Chanel sunglasses, Chanel shoes, and a spring outfit

Skirt Madewell, sold out, but Madewell dress available here and similar skirt on sale here, Madewell Tee, Jcrew cardigan, Chanel flats, similar here and here, Balenciaga Bag

Chris and I were so happy the sun was out this past weekend! We were able to get outside both days and roam around Hoboken and New York City.

On Sunday I was excited to wear my new favorite skirt since it was 60 degrees! I bought this skirt earlier this month and fell in love with its versatility. Since we were simply grabbing a coffee I wore casual flats, but I love to dress it up for dinner with cute heels, and even sandals once it gets even warmer. I also think that it would be fun to wear a bit more rugged, like with this military vest or cargo jacket.
Hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. We’ve got lots more coming soon!   -Allie

6 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Catherine

    The ensemble is adorable. I love the length of the skirt too. Nice to see more attainable lengths are returning and we can bend over to pick up loose change or anything else that drops out of our hands without our origins of the world being on display!
    We had a lovely weekend visiting DC. Great weather for roaming around Georgetown and a visit to The National Gallery. Great to be out and about!


      1. Catherine

        National Gallery of Art is always a great way to spent a part of the afternoon. Also–the Holocaust museum is a must-see. Dinner in Georgetown–Le Bistro Francais serves consistently good food!


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