Amaro and Amore

A glass and bottle of Amaro Montenegro, a popular Italian amaro drink

Last week I wrote one of the best stories I’ve ever published. It’s a sunburnt 1,500-word run through the summer Allie and I met in Italy, framed as a piece about Amaro Montenegro, an Italian after-dinner drink. This one was fun to write. I can’t read 95% of the stories I publish (the back and forth with editors usually hamstrings my style), but I can read this one. So should you if you like a good story, and have time!

For this week’s happy hour, we’re going with the orange amaro in the glass pictured above and below: Amaro Montenegro. I drank a round of this stuff with friends before every night out in summer 2008. For more on Italian amari like Montenegro, check out our Campari series… or take a dive into my story. Thanks for reading. Hope this inspires you to get out, put your lips to a wild drink, and attack your weekend.

A luminous side-shot of a glass and bottle of Amaro Montenegro

A glass of Amaro Montenegro, an Italian digestif


Amaro Montenegro, a liqueur Italians sip after dinner

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