How to Make Sangria (in the Desert)

Cutting oranges outside for a nice batch of sangria

Putting fruit into a pitcher to make sangria

Wine Pouring into a Pitcher for sangria

Pouring Sangria from a pitcher and into two glasses

A pitcher and glasses of red sangria

Two glasses of sangria with floating apple and orange slices

After a day in the Arizona sun Allie and I got back to our 5-star hotel (her parents’ house), hit the patio before dinner, and made some sangria. From the patio we could see cacti by the dozen. We could see wavy rock mountains a few miles away. Inspired by our surroundings, we went for a desert-style sangria.

This meant I was on the hunt for prickly pear: cactus fruit. I wanted to spike our sangria with this stuff. We drove to the grocery store. “Prickly pear,” a man restocking oranges replied in response to my question. “Man, what’re you talking about!?”

Ah, but I wasn’t finished! I realized in a rush that thousands of cactus paddles around Casa De Marco were hanging low with purple fruit. “Allie!” I said after telling her this. “What do you think? A neighborhood harvest?” Nope, she said. Too weird!

I settled for honey infused with prickly pair juice. We used this instead of sugar. Other desert elements included the oranges (from Arizona) and lemons (huge fruit also from the Grand Canyon State). And then there was our Sangria’s best desert hook of all–the blue sky, the needled plants and green-bark Palo Verde trees, the earth tone houses, the red dust, and the rest of the sun-drenched land around us.   -Chris

What you need:

1 Apple

2 Oranges

1/2 Cup blueberries

750 ML Wine (any red < $15)

1/5-2 Shots amaretto

2 Ounces flavored honey

Shake of cinnamon

2 Cups club soda

What to do: Cut apple; put in a pitcher. Cut oranges. Squeeze half and put in, and then put in the other half in unsqueezed. Add everything else but club soda. Stir. Stow in the fridge for a while. Add cold club soda right before you pour the sangria into glasses (over ice) and drink.

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  1. That's What She Read

    That looks wonderful! I nominated this blog for the Liebster Award. All the details are in a post on my blog. You don’t have to partake in it if you don’t want to, but I still wanted you to know that I’m enjoying this blog. Thanks for your fun posts!


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