14 thoughts on “Writing About Food

  1. Catherine

    I read that story. Congratulations on that piece. That is so fantastic! I never even knew “mutz” was slang for Mozzerella–all along I thought that was the code word in the language of “abreev” that I used with my kids for years and years. (I’m THAT mom).

    Can you write more articles please? You make the reading fun and so not boring!


  2. Clunegapyears

    Really interesting article … Especially as we have just spent 6 months in Italy and discovered eating mozzarella in new guises. I think I can now taste tell the difference between buffalo and cow mozzarella.

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  3. Made in Rome

    It was Sandy. I don’t think the hurricane reached him other than via the weeklong blackout. His place is a block inland from mine, and the flooding stopped right before our apartment. The lobby of our old apartment was turned into an aquarium though. What a crazy time.


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