Desert Light

Desert Dawn steels over the McDowell Mountains in the Sonoran Desert

We took these pictures while walking, hiking, and exploring the Sonoran Desert in North Scottsdale. March is spring in the Arizona desert. Trees are green and flowers are blooming, making great hikes even greater. Allie and I love to explore places (our first sparks rained while exploring one), and there’s no better time to see this stretch of the Sonoran than early spring.


NYC Winter Sunrises

Pier 12 in Hoboken with Midtown Manhattan behind (at dawn)

Downtown New York seen from New Jersey at dawn

A flaming yellow glow behind the New York skyline as night turns to day


NYC and the Hudson river at Sunrise


A tree in Hoboken with the sun rising over the Hudson River and NYC behind

Lately I’ve been getting back into photography. I shoot with a DSLR, a Cannon Rebel T2i that Allie got back in 2012. This proved to be a great investment. I learned how to shoot in manual and even photographed a few dozen of the stories I’ve written. But I also shoot with my iPhone, because you never know when the right shot will appear–and the right shot often appears on the Hoboken waterfront.

Allie and I are lucky to live across the river from New York City. Being a block away from the Hudson River never gets old. The view is spectacular, even on foggy days. On clear winter mornings the rising sun paints the freezing air around the buildings water-color orange, flaming red, and a thousand shades in between.

Sunrise runs are incredible. (Having a path along the river turned me into a runner.) Morning walks are striking–but routine! Allie and I sip coffee. We walk our dog. The sun lifts over the glass and water and colors our waterside town.

During those walks I took these pictures. You probably need a tripod and a zoom lens to really nail these shots, but I’ll get there. Hope you enjoy these photos. We have some nice city shoots and stories lined up for the coming weeks.   -Chris

Snowy Style



Allie rocking a heart necklace and Kate Spade gloves on the Hudson River.

Allie looking north in an Anthropologie sweater and Illesteva sunglasses on the Hoboken waterfront.

Allie looking warm in a Coach coat and Illesteva sunglasses on the Hoboken waterfront.

Allie looking warm in a Coach coat and Illesteva sunglasses on the Hoboken waterfront.

Close-up of Allie blowing snow.

Down Coat Coach, Anthropologie sweater on sale now, Gloves Kate Spade last year similar here, boots Tory Burch

On Sunday we finally escaped our apartment after Saturday’s blizzard. Chris and I were both going a little crazy from being stuck inside. It was great to get out.

We took these photos on Hoboken’s waterfront where families flocked with their kids to play in the snow. It was nice to see so many people laughing and enjoying the sunshine, even though it was only 28 degrees.

I bundled up in my Coach down jacket, definitely one of my best purchases to date. It is the warmest coat I have ever owned. I also like the furry rim on the hood, which adds a feminine touch.

The rest of the outfit is as comfortable as you can get (short of wearing sweatpants!). I paired a bright flared hem sweater with high-waisted jeans for our walk along the Hudson River. If you live in the northeast, I hope you get back outside after the storm! The next few days are going to be wet, so be sure to wear a nice warm pair of hunters or sorrels.   -Allie

Bar Cart






When Chris and I first moved to the New York metro area, we shared a beautiful studio on the Hoboken waterfront. Although it really was a nice space, complete with a washer and dryer (hard to come by in this area!), we only lasted a year.

Moving into a one-bedroom apartment at that time was exciting. Not only were we getting more space for us and our pup Shadow, we could decorate more.

The first piece I purchased was our bar cart. I knew right away this was something I really wanted to incorporate into our new space. After looking at several different brands, I settled with this Crate and Barrel bar cart. I really liked that this version was not particularly fancy, yet had this old world charm where I could envision this being used in the ’50s.

Chris and I have gotten great use out of the piece. Not only is it fun to decorate, but we use it as storage for our glasses, currently housing an array of wine glasses and Champagne flutes. As for the actual liquor stored on the cart, the majority is hand selected by Chris based on what he enjoys. While Chris picks the beverages, I switch out the decorations. I love how the bright pink peony makes the space fun, feminine, and flirty amongst a variety of dark liquors.   -Allie