Saturday in New York





J.Crew Jacket and Hat, Madewell sweater on sale now, Cole Haan Boots similar here, Balenciaga handbag

This past week was absolutely freezing here in the New York area. Each year I wish more and more for warmer weather and that we could make a leap for the west coast. A girl could dream….

But then there are days like this, walking around getting lost in our own city.  These are the days I realize how lucky Chris and I am to live to close to the “concrete jungle.” New York is so special to us. It’s where we started life after college, and eventually where we even tied the knot.

Since it is such a special place I will occasional share some our our weekend adventures, which usually revolve around food, drinks, and shopping.

This past weekend we spent our time in the West Village and Soho sections of Manhattan. Below are some of our favorite spots:

Soho: Located just beyond the West Village, this neighborhood is filled with narrow streets and many of the best shops around. You can window shop at Chanel or Celine, but find what you actually need at J.Crew.

Raffetto’s: The cutest, oldest pasta shop where you can purchase your Italian essentials, and more importantly homemade pasta ranging from standard egg noddles to chocolate or chestnut. You can even freeze the pasta if you don’t have time to make it right away.

Chalait: Located in the west Village, this nook is a matcha tea shop, where they’ll make you the most incredible matcha latte.

Be on the lookout for more posts on our favorite spots in New York.

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