Sprouts on Cast Iron






“What are you getting?” Allie asks me. We’re out to dinner, or maybe we’re out to lunch, and we could be in New York, Hoboken, my hometown (outside Philly), the Southwest, the West Coast, or maybe even (ahhhh….) the beach in summer. We’ve just sat down together. Our menus have been cracked open a few seconds, for enough time for a nice pocket of silence to form around us. Allie’s eyes, I know, have darted through items of interest–and are now back on mine.

“Not sure,” I respond, still reading. “You?”

“Hmm…” she says. “Want to split the brussels sprouts?”

“Yeah. Sure. I’d do that….”

Like plenty of eaters and eateries today, we’re pretty into brussels sprouts. They’re good. They’re good for you. They’re hard to mess up. They’re a safe bet for ordering out or cooking in, a bet we make often.

We made the bet last Sunday night (out). The following Monday we did the same (in). To start, I seasoned and then sizzled the sprouts in an oil-slick cast iron pan for 10 minutes, as this New York Times recipe advises. Next I blasted the sprouts in the oven for another 10. And then, once some of them had browned, once some had blackened, and once they had perfectly crisped and finally cooled, we split them.   -Chris

7 thoughts on “Sprouts on Cast Iron

  1. lazymomcooking

    Once, my friend cooked this for me… So delicious and so simple!!!

    Please visit or follow my blog (www.lazymomcooking.wordpress.com) or my instagram (lazymom_cooking) for some recipe ideas 🙂


  2. darwinontherocks

    I’ve never been a big fan of Brussel sprouts. I come from Belgium and lived there most of my life and we don’t really eat brussel sprouts over there. It is not a popular vegetable. Here in the UK where I live at the moment, it is so popular and people seem to like it ! It’s crazy ahah


      1. darwinontherocks

        haha, so you know.. not very often ! And children hate it ! it’s like a punishment to them when you say “oh you are going to eat brussels sprouts” 😀 I was terrified of that when I was little


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