Mint Falafel



Chris and I love to pack lunch. After you’ve had so many lunches it can be hard to think of new ideas for what to eat. For him, most of the time it has been a prosciutto sandwich, and lately we’ve both been wanting to switch things up.

This weekend I was excited to experiment with cooking falafeI as a new lunch option. We have always enjoyed Middle Eastern cuisine, and recently our taste for it has grown thanks to the amazing Ottolenghi cookbooks. They’re filled with great recipes for his fresh, bright version of modern Middle Eastern.

Making the falafel was simple. You pretty much coarsely blend chickpeas with your choice of flavorings. I added mint to enhance the falafel, providing a fresh taste and a vibrant green color. After blending together the chickpeas and herbs, you shape the falafel and bake for about 10 minutes, until golden brown.

When ready to serve, Chris and I made a yogurt sauce for dipping and pickled some red onions for garnishing. While Chris stuffed his in a pita, I ate mine over salad. Hope you enjoy.   -Allie

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