Game Day Wings

Three chicken wings in a row, honey-glazed, topped, and ready to eat.

Allie and I would like to think we’re pretty seasoned game-day cooks. At school, I used to sizzle 12 eggs in rendered bacon fat before just about every home football game. Later I graduated to searing meat and fish on my portable grill. Now, years later, I am more attuned to health and how food makes me feel. That’s why we often go with chicken instead of red meat for heavy occasions like the Super Bowl (although I am known to make a solid batch of sausage-and-peppers sandwiches).

This week, when messing around with Super Bowl recipes, I cooked two pounds of wings in an Asian glaze that brought both sweet and heat. These were amazing. And easy. You marinate the wings. You simmer a stovetop glaze. You roast the wings. You add the glaze. And buon appetito. Here’s how it went.


Sweet-and-spicy chicken wings



Spicy honey glaze for a batch of chicken wings


Baked chicken wings


Honey-glazed chicken wings with peanuts, cilantro, and green onion

Spicy Asian chicken wings ready to eat.

The recipe for these chicken wings comes from Bon Appétit. I made a few changes to this bad boy. First, I used Sriracha instead of whatever paste the recipe calls for (and I tripled the amount). Second, I used a half cup of honey instead of a Mont Blanc of sugar. Finally, I crowned the wings with cilantro, scallions, and crushed peanuts.

This one was a winner. We’re looking forward to getting into a fresh batch Sunday (oh–and to the game!). Anyone making any favorites? Anyone else pulling for Peyton? And does anyone other than me think that the Gatorade dumped on the winning team is going to be blue? Let us know in the comments section!   -Chris

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