Lace-Up + Chambray

Laceup Chambray and Coated Denim

Chambray-Lace-Up -Casual-Look-7

Chambray-Lace-Up -Casual-Look-6

adidas superstar

Chambray and coated Denim outfit

Chambray-Lace-Up -Casual-Look-4

Illevesta Sunglasses with Chambray

Anthropologie chambray shirt, 7FAM Jeans,  adidas superstar sneakers, Celine bag

I was never too keen on the lace-up trend, but I fell in love with this chambray shirt from Anthropologie.  The material used for the chambray is so soft, and I liked how easy the shirt was.  Too many of the lace-ups I’ve seen in the past have been too tight or uncomfortable looking.  This one was just right.  I like it so much that I might even get the white version in the future.   -Allie

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