Valentine’s Dessert for Two

Valentine's Day Dessert, a Chocolate Souffle

Chris and I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day.  Typically, we stay in and cook, something we can both bond over and enjoy.

This year Chris will be responsible for dinner, while I’m tackling the dessert.  I found this “how to guide,” for making chocolate soufflé from the Kitchn and thought it would be the perfect end to our Valentine’s Day dinner. So this weekend I made a batch and was really impressed with the results. I chose to make our two soufflés in individual ramekins, but you can opt for one large soufflé if you do not have two small ramekins on hand.

When I make my batch for Valentine’s I’ll top with mint or make a raspberry sauce for color.  Otherwise, I’ll follow the recipe step by step and enjoy a rich chocolate soufflé!  Do you have any other dessert ideas  for Valentine’s?   -Allie

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