A Little Bit of Tulle

Tulle Skirt

Tulle Skirt-2

Tulle Skirt and Pearls

Chanel Purse

Pearl Necklace

Ivory Turtleneck

Anthropologie Tulle Skirt,  Madewell sweater, now on sale, Chanel purse & sunglasses, similar shape bag here, Kate Spade shoes

I had fun shooting these pictures with Chris, inspired by Valentine’s Day approaching this weekend. As mentioned earlier this week, Chris and I don’t fuss over the holiday, if we even celebrate at all. We enjoy spending time together, ideally bonding in the kitchen while preparing a nice dinner.

With that said, it is still fun to dress up! I always want an excuse to get my tulle skirt on and have some fun creating a flirty outfit. In these pictures I toned down being overly dressed in tulle with a ribbed turtleneck sweater. I added pearls for a girlie flare and chose these Kate Spade flats, last seen in this earlier post.

Whether you are staying in with a date for dinner or even getting together with some girlfriends, you still can wear your favorite outfit. Have fun with your look and enjoy the long weekend! -Allie

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