Desert Light

Desert Dawn steels over the McDowell Mountains in the Sonoran Desert

Lines of pink flowers on a stucco wall

Pool with a view of desert mountains

A hiking path leading through the desert toward the McDowell Mountains

A hundred bright yellow flowers in a desert wash

Pink Cactus blossoms blooming in the Arizona desert in spring

A desert path leading to far Arizona mountains

Drinks during Happy Hour after a desert hike

A house under construction in silhouette against an Arizona sunset

The McDowell Mountains in silhouette against a spring dawn in Arizona

We took these pictures while walking, hiking, and exploring the Sonoran Desert in North Scottsdale. March is spring in the Arizona desert. Trees are green and flowers are blooming, making great hikes even greater. Allie and I love to explore places (our first sparks rained while exploring one), and there’s no better time to see this stretch of the Sonoran than early spring.

Since we met, we’ve used these hikes and explorations for fun, of course, but also kind of for clearing our heads. A hike strips life to essences. For a few hours, small problems and cultural pressures melt away, and there you are, walking through nature with someone you want to be with.

This effect is magnified by the desert. The desert captivates in a way similar to the ocean, only not as ecstatically. The spell on your mind is calm wisdom. The scope and scale of your surroundings makes you think clearly about big things.

During our week in the Southwest, we were outside as much as possible. It’s nice to have an outlet to the natural world when you live in the city. You’ll get a nice taste of the desert in our next few posts.   -Chris

10 thoughts on “Desert Light

      1. thefoggyfoodie

        We started in San Fransisco (home), spent 2 nights in LA with friends, then to Tucson where we spent 4 nights with friends over Christmas, then we drove up through Sonora and spent a night in Flagstaff and then we went through the Grand Canyon (boyfriend had never seen) and the red rocks, spent a night in Vegas, then back to SF… All with the dog is tow! It was so much fun! Nothing like a good Roadtrip! Tips-hmmm… Staying with friends is awesome… Insider view and money saving. We stayed at an awesome Airbnb in flagstaff, which is a super cute town!!, and the guy printed us out his personal tour around Grand Canyon. It was amazing. Locals know. Can forward the tour if your interested, that is, if I can find it.


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