That 70s Chic

Looking down at flair jeans in an embroidered top

1970s style: denim flares and a simple embroidered shirt

Allie in a blue and white embroidered shirt and 1970s style wide-bottom flare jeans

Allie walking with an embroidered shirt and denim flares

Faded Flare Jeans in the 1970s style

Madewell Jeans and Top, Old Tory Burch shoe, love this new version here and here, Illesteva Sunglasses

Who would have thought flares would make such a comeback. I remember begging my mom for a pair in middle school and can’t believe they have made their way back. Last summer I was hesitant to purchase a pair, but I decided to search around this spring.

I was on the hunt for a pair offered in short (hemming them is difficult since you lose the shape) and at a friendly price point. Since they are a more trendy pair of denim I didn’t want to splurge on something that could fall out of style so quickly. I decided on the Madewell pair pictured above!

I was surprised at how flattering they are in person. Since I am on the shorter side I was nervous they wouldn’t work, but actually found they made me appear taller. With this outfit I wore a pair of wedges, but I love them paired with a pointed heel as well! Currently on the lookout for dark pair providing a more chic look, but in the meantime loving the laid back vibe of these!   -Allie

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