[New York City, December 2014]



Chris and I met on a side street in Rome back in summer 2008. We were both on study abroad, and together we had a blast eating, shopping, sightseeing, and traveling throughout Italy.

By the time summer ended and we went back to school, we were together. We got married in New York six years later.

Today we live in Hoboken (NJ). I work in fashion (at J. Crew). Chris has worked in media and is now a freelance writer who loves to write about food. After a year of marriage we started this blog to share our favorite things: fashion, food, travel, running and fitness, and our dog Shadow.

We hope you enjoy reading!   -Allie



Allie and I are calling this blog “Made in Rome” because we were. We met in Rome back in 2008 when we were both on study abroad. By day we saw art and ruins, browsed markets, wandered, and hung out with our crew of friends. By night we carved up the city. There was a spark or two, and then that first electric week in Rome was over.

Summer 2008 - Italy 006

[Allie under an umbrella and in her element, Rome, Summer 2008]

After, we traveled to our base for the summer: Todi—a citadel town on a great oblong hill in Umbria. Allie lived on a farm and vineyard past town’s stone walls. I lived above the olive groves, vineyards, sunflower fields, and oceans of grain and in the Iron Age town. It was in Todi that we had class, art class—and neither of us are artists!

But it was in Rome that we had been set in motion. And it was to Rome we went back again and again, far more than any of the other places we hit in our wanderings up and down Italy from Venice to Vesuvius.

Summer 2008 - Italy 038

[Allie shopping an open market, Florence, Summer 2008]

It’s a long story. One that ends in Rome. We had a few days in the Eternal City before summer burned out and we flew back to the States.

But if you’ve read Allie’s write-up above, you know our story continued. You’ll notice traces of the Rome (and also of Italy) in our posts. It was and is our favorite city. It was where our tastes and styles started to develop together. It is where these posts have their hidden source, because it was where we were made.        -Chris

Summer 2008 - Italy 054

[Chris self portrait, Sorrento, Summer 2008]

Summer 2008 - Italy 060

[Allie planning our last run in Rome, Autostrada A1, Summer 2008]



You can reach us at chrisamalloy[at]gmail[dot]com.


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19 thoughts on “About

  1. chaladi

    I started casually browsing your blog, and soon I realised the content depth in foody posts, life style and knowing your lovely life moments and they way you portray them here is very impressive. I am very much impressed and started following your blog 🙂


  2. PaulaMagal

    It is great to see a couple’s blog! I love your pictures, and the ones of food are making my mouth water – makes me already crave lunch and it is only 9am here in Kathmandu, from where I am writing to you. Isn’t it amazing how we can dive in each others’ memories made everywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world?
    Michele, my partner in life and at our blog Nomadic Thinking, is from Rome. So I’ve been lucky to have also lived there and explored that magical city like you did. I share your passion for Rome, Italy, and all that culture, food and style that comes with it. So I’m happy you celebrate and share how you manage to bring bits of Rome in your life together in the US =) I’m following along. All the best!


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