Colorful Kismet Rug

Our colorful Persian Kismet rug by Caitlin Wilson.

Close-up of a flower decoration on a colorful Persian Kismet rug by Caitlin Wilson.

Side-angle of our colorful Persian Kismet rug by Caitlin Wilson.

Overhead of our colorful Persian Kismet rug by Caitlin Wilson.

All of a sudden I’ve been on a huge redecorating binge! I woke up one day looking to update our living room and spent countless hours on Pinterest for inspiration. Of course, everything I wanted was out of budget or not practical for our urban apartment.

After a few weeks I decided that buying a new rug could bring the room together. Instead of finding all new furniture, I was on the hunt for the perfect rug and hoping it would bring life to our current space, while keeping what furniture we had.

Immediately after coming across Caitlin Wilson’s website I knew I would find what I was looking for. Caitlin and her team seem to have a knack for incorporating color and print in designing beautiful interiors and textiles.

I ordered my Kismet rug and counted every week until it arrived. Its vibrant colors and antique Persian flare bring our little apartment together. Each day, I walk into the room with a smile, so happy I was able to incorporate pink into our space. Even Chris, who made fun of me and really didn’t understanding my excitement over a rug, now is happy with our purchase.

Hope you check out Caitlin Wilson Design and get as excited as I did!   -Allie

Bar Cart






When Chris and I first moved to the New York metro area, we shared a beautiful studio on the Hoboken waterfront. Although it really was a nice space, complete with a washer and dryer (hard to come by in this area!), we only lasted a year.

Moving into a one-bedroom apartment at that time was exciting. Not only were we getting more space for us and our pup Shadow, we could decorate more.

The first piece I purchased was our bar cart. I knew right away this was something I really wanted to incorporate into our new space. After looking at several different brands, I settled with this Crate and Barrel bar cart. I really liked that this version was not particularly fancy, yet had this old world charm where I could envision this being used in the ’50s.

Chris and I have gotten great use out of the piece. Not only is it fun to decorate, but we use it as storage for our glasses, currently housing an array of wine glasses and Champagne flutes. As for the actual liquor stored on the cart, the majority is hand selected by Chris based on what he enjoys. While Chris picks the beverages, I switch out the decorations. I love how the bright pink peony makes the space fun, feminine, and flirty amongst a variety of dark liquors.   -Allie