Amaro and Amore

A glass and bottle of Amaro Montenegro, a popular Italian amaro drink

Last week I wrote one of the best stories I’ve ever published. It’s a sunburnt 1,500-word run through the summer Allie and I met in Italy, framed as a piece about Amaro Montenegro, an Italian after-dinner drink. This one was fun to write.


NYC Winter Sunrises

Pier 12 in Hoboken with Midtown Manhattan behind (at dawn)

Downtown New York seen from New Jersey at dawn

A flaming yellow glow behind the New York skyline as night turns to day


NYC and the Hudson river at Sunrise


A tree in Hoboken with the sun rising over the Hudson River and NYC behind

Lately I’ve been getting back into photography. I shoot with a DSLR, a Cannon Rebel T2i that Allie got back in 2012. This proved to be a great investment. I learned how to shoot in manual and even photographed a few dozen of the stories I’ve written. But I also shoot with my iPhone, because you never know when the right shot will appear–and the right shot often appears on the Hoboken waterfront.

Allie and I are lucky to live across the river from New York City. Being a block away from the Hudson River never gets old. The view is spectacular, even on foggy days. On clear winter mornings the rising sun paints the freezing air around the buildings water-color orange, flaming red, and a thousand shades in between.

Sunrise runs are incredible. (Having a path along the river turned me into a runner.) Morning walks are striking–but routine! Allie and I sip coffee. We walk our dog. The sun lifts over the glass and water and colors our waterside town.

During those walks I took these pictures. You probably need a tripod and a zoom lens to really nail these shots, but I’ll get there. Hope you enjoy these photos. We have some nice city shoots and stories lined up for the coming weeks.   -Chris