Party in the Back

A white dress that shows some of Allie's back as she looks far away

Hello from beautiful Scottsdale! Chris and I are enjoying a week away to soak up some sun! I have been taking advantage of the clear blue skies and being able to wear some of my favorite dresses.


How to Make Sangria (in the Desert)

Putting fruit into a pitcher to make sangria

After a day in the Arizona sun Allie and I got back to our 5-star hotel (her parents’ house), hit the patio before dinner, and made some sangria. From the patio we could see cacti by the dozen. We could see wavy rock mountains a few miles away. Inspired by our surroundings, we went for a desert-style sangria.


Something Blue

Allie looking fresh for spring in a nice off-shoulder shirt, a classic black Celine bag, Kate Spade espadrilles

Happy Sunday! Chris and I are enjoying the week in Scottsdale, Arizona. I love that I was able to wear this off the shoulder top, a trend I am really embracing this spring.


Denim on Denim

Overhead shot a cool leopard bag and leopard shoes

I went denim on denim this weekend, pairing a light chambray with dark skinny jeans. I was inspired by how much denim has evolved and is such a trend for spring. I decided to break up the all-denim outfit with some fun leopard print.


Mint-Kale Pesto

Pasta with pesto and colorful tomatoes

Mint is the herb of choice here at the Made in Rome. Mint also happens to be one of the staple herbs of Rome itself. The other day, after I came home with a few boxes of crazy pasta shapes, we made some mint pesto.


Amaro and Amore

A glass and bottle of Amaro Montenegro, a popular Italian amaro drink

Last week I wrote one of the best stories I’ve ever published. It’s a sunburnt 1,500-word run through the summer Allie and I met in Italy, framed as a piece about Amaro Montenegro, an Italian after-dinner drink. This one was fun to write.